Why Give A Promise Ring?

You’ve likely heard of a promise ring, but what does one signify?

There are a number of meanings connected to promise rings with the most common one a symbol of a relationship commitment. Promise rings used in this manner are often given as a pre-engagement ring, which is then followed by an engagement ring and eventually a wedding ring.

Other reasons promise rings are given include symbolizing chastity, loyalty, monogamy and friendship. Sometimes a promise ring is given as a reminder to stay clean and sober.

When giving a promise ring it is extremely important that both partners are clear on what the reason is for the ring.

For example, if the promise ring is intended to signify a committed relationship, then that should be known. As for the actual ring itself, a lot of that will depend on your personal budget although a ring with a small diamond or a heart shape is good choices. A Birthstone ring is also considered an appropriate choice for this kind of promise ring.

As for when the perfect time to give a promise ring is concerned, there are many options ranging from an anniversary of a special event shared together, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or on a date that you want to stand out for no other reason than the day you gave her a promise ring.

As the promise ring is not a wedding ring, there are no set protocols in place for the presentation other than to remember to not go down on one knee as if proposing. This is not the ring for that occasion. It is best to stick to a romantic dinner or walk or other event that would end nicely with the presentation of the promise ring.

Since the promise ring is just that, to signify a promise, it can be worn on any finger with the exception of the ring finger of the left hand so that it is not confused as being an engagement ring.

Promise rings are commonly worn on the middle finger of the left hand and the right finger of the right hand, but personal choice will dictate the most comfortable placement of the promise ring.

Sometimes a promise ring becomes a pinkie ring, which is perfectly acceptable and in some cases the only finger without a ring if your partner owns and wears a lot of rings.

Giving a promise ring is a significant step in a relationship when it is given to signify a commitment to a partner. As a result, you want to make sure the ring you select is appropriate and that the feelings are mutual, which would assist in solidifying the promise being made.

Promise rings are often the first ring a girl will receive from a partner and as such a great deal of sentimental value will be attached to it which will in many cases make it worth even more to her.

And who wouldn’t want to have something to do with giving someone such a special gift like that?